The vineyards lie on a floor of soft terrain and nature arcillocalcarea, at an altitude of 845 m. Excellent drainage, and the perfect location protects the vineyards from frost of spring and winds from the North in the summer there is an ideal balance between the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.

The climate is continental, with an Atlantic influence and the average annual temperature is 11 ° c, with precipitation around the 475 mm per year.

The late concentration of land consolidation in Quintana, 2010, allowed to keep small parcels of old Vineyard with selected indigenous vines over decades by growers themselves, she is available today from vines adapted to the Quintana del Pidio edaphoclimatic conditions. This genetic basis is part of the Tinta del País variety Tempranillo synonyms.

Adamá is exclusively produced with grapes Tinto in the country, which are distributed among best Quintana of the ask payments (Burgos). The fruit of these strains provides different sensations, aromas, full of life, freshness and elegance.