Main target of our technical team is designing and developing wines that best represent the specific features of each wine-growing area. And a result, creating wines that any wine lover will appreciate accordingly.

With this main concept in mind, only the best vineyards are selected. Usually a small selection of manors cultivated and managed in an artisanal way by professionals with direct supervision of our technical team.

Following the grape is picked and collected. In the case of our wines, as indicated on the label, it comes from old vines (about 60 years old in average). The grapes collected in crates, transported to the winery and carefully selected for our wine Adamá.

After that we must define the vinification protocol required to obtain a wine that transmits its origin. This work is carried out on the premises of a good wine cellar next to the vineyard.

The strength of each vineyard reflected in our Adamá wines require an ageing process in oak barrels. Almost 90% of our oak barrel stock is renewed every year and we use French and American 225 liter oak casks. Both ageing time as well as the proportion of French or American oak casks used, is decided by our technical team depending on the specific characteristics of each vintage.