About us, Proyectos Sanctvs, Adamá

Adamá is a company devoted to the production and commercialization of exceptional wines. The whole team shares a passion for good wine.

From a very early stage, we believed in the possibility of producing new and special wines from different areas in Spain. That is our vision.

And consequently Proyecto Sanctvs is committed to create and commercialize excellent wines from different regions in Spain. A selection of wines that represents a reference for any wine lover, who wants to be sure of enjoying the best of each region.

Each of our wines will always be unique and different. And consequently our oenologists put all their efforts to strengthen the features of each area and the specific factors of each vintage, instead of unifying a product year after year. For Adamá it is crucial to understand where each wine comes from and the peculiarities implied in its origin. That is to say, respect it, accepting its nature and understanding the wine within its context.

Therefore the important role of our technical team. Led by Head Winemaker and oenologist Ernesto Franco, the teams becomes a translator of what each vineyard ground is telling us. Soil communicates and expresses itself in many ways. And one of them is through wine.